60 phrases about envy

60 phrases about envy

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You are looking for phrases about envy? So, you are in the right place. We have compiled the largest list of phrases about envy that you can find on the web. As you can see, they are phrases of envy that will help you overcome that people speak ill of you because of envy.


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Envy phrases

Let's see some phrases of envy that can help you overcome a difficult situation where people are criticizing you for something you have achieved. Later, you will find two more sections with more phrases about envy.

They talk, then we ride.

If they talk about you for the life you lead, feel proud: You have affected their lives and they have not affected yours.

You cannot be envious and happy at the same time. Choose what you want to be.

Blind envy of men and makes it impossible for them to think clearly.

Envy is the art of counting the blessings of others and not their own.

The envy is so ugly that it always walks through the world in disguise, and never more hateful than when it pretends to disguise itself as justice. Benavente Hyacinth

If you stand out, you will generate envy. Only those who do not stand out are those who do not generate envy.

Crowds bark at eminent men, just like small dogs bark at strangers.

Envy is a declaration of inferiority. Napoleon Bonaparte

The envy that stops and screams is always unchanging; you have to fear a lot in which you keep quiet. Rivarol

Honey is not made for the ass's mouth.

Big dogs don't smell asses of chuchos.

Envy is so thin and yellow because it bites and does not eat. Francisco de Quevedo

Eagles do not hunt bed bugs.

Flee from hatred, evil and jealousy. Life is too beautiful to lose in those feelings.

No one is really worthy of envy. Arthur Schopenhauer

You are not credible if you constantly talk about what you despise. What is really despised does not last long in the mind.

The envious are inferior to the envied.

Be proud of the envy you generate.

The few who create are the envy of the many who dedicate themselves exclusively to looking.

Punish those who are jealous by doing them good. Arabic proverb

Phrases about envy

We will continue to see some phrases about envy and jealousy. And, when you get something minimally interesting, you never need someone who tries to make us bitter to feel better about yourself for not being able to achieve the same thing that we have achieved.

It would be wonderful to be able to succeed without generating envy, but it is not possible. Get used to it.

There is no success without envy. Choose: Success and envy, or mediocrity and go unnoticed.

Do not compare yourself with others. Compare yourself with the person you were yesterday.

You should not overvalue what you have received, nor should you envy other people. Who envies other people cannot have peace of mind.

It will always be better to be envied than to be sorry.

Quiet: The envious shoots others, but hurts himself.

Envy, corrosive of the heart, is a secret confession of our personal failure.

Everyone sympathizes with the weak. What you have to produce is envy.

Pious people are alive. Envious people are dead.

The spirit of the envious is made to destroy, not to build.

Envy always lasts longer than the happiness of the envied.

Envy is a consequence of having affected the lives of others, whether they accept it or not.

Envy sharpens the view.

There is no envious that is not ignorant.

Envy is an ulcer in the soul.

Those who learn from those who surpass them, move forward. Those who envy, stay where they are.

Nothing hurts the mediocre soul more than seeing his neighbor move forward while he remains stagnant.

Envy is the toll paid for the distinction.

Envy bites but never eats, that's why it always insists.

Phrases that deal with envy and jealousy

We go with a last section with the best phrases about envy What is online? These phrases are the best way to face a person who is speaking ill of us out of envy. With them, we can feel more at peace even though they speak badly.

If you have envious enemies and dragging it means that you have fought for something at some point in your life. And this is good.

People without courage are dedicated to envy or hurt others. They never remain indifferent.

Take care of the jealous and the envious. They are negative and powerful forces.

Envy hides in the human heart like a viper in its hole.

Envy is the mental pain that the winners cause to their neighbors.

To feel envy is to insult oneself.

Punish those who envy you for good.

The wise do not envy the wisdom of the other. Erpenio

Be proud of others talking about your life. It means that, for them, your life is more important than their own.

Envy is worse than hunger, because it is spiritual hunger.

Who speaks behind you does it because it is behind you.

Silent envy grows in silence.

Companies matter. Being with some people awakens generosity. Being with other people arouses envy.

As you can see, you are envy phrases They are very useful to overcome those bad moments that we can spend on some occasions, produced by people who try to harm us because they are envious of us.