60 wonderful phrases by Eduard Punset

60 wonderful phrases by Eduard Punset

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Eduard Punset (1936 - 2019) was an economist, writer and great Spanish scientific popularizer, who was part of the policy during the Democratic Transition of Spain, holding positions in the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Spanish Government.

Between 1996 and 2013 he directed and presented the famous program Nets in the Spanish Television 2, where he dealt with topics of scientific interest related to medicine, biology, psychology, physics or astronomy among others.

He died on May 22, 2019, victim of lung cancer he had been fighting for years.

Today we bring you here the best phrases of Eduard Punset, do not miss them!

Famous quotes by Eduard Punset

Unlearning most of the things they have taught us is more important than learning.

Being expelled from the group is the worst thing that can happen to us.

Abandonment and humiliation is what causes us the most stress.

Our brain needs (and takes care of) that our conception of the world seems reliable to us, so that we feel safe, but stress would end us.

The dimensions of individual happiness have to do with personal relationships in the first place.

The human being, once he has made a decision, tends to look for factors that support that decision, and ignores everything else.

Even bacteria work by consensus, or they don't work.

In the future it will not be so much about redistributing wealth as in the past, but about redistributing working time.

Happiness is the absence of fear, it is an emotion, and as such, it is transitory.

Love was the first survival instinct in the history of the species and is linked to passion. Today people are grateful that knowledge can explain things they don't understand.

Do not be afraid to change your life; The keys are: teamwork, concentration, willpower and the power of interdisciplinarity.

We live with the technological changes of the 21st century and with social institutions of the 19th century.

If life were eternal we would not put in it the same intensity

None of your neurons know who you are ... or care.

A person who has a very high degree of aggressiveness, need for encouragement and need for mastery to replace his absence of emotions is more likely to become a murderer or a serial killer.

The best way to be constantly unhappy is to pretend to be happy forever.

Conflicts occur because we have different beliefs at the top (neocortex), while we all share the basic beliefs.

Scientific knowledge is the antithesis of dogmatism and nothing can contribute more to boost development. For dogma and dogmatics any past tense was better. For science, the reason for its existence is innovation and the need to explore.

Men moved by ideals must be interested in politics.

The best way to counteract a negative emotion is to have a stronger positive.

Isolation, control, uncertainty, message repetition and emotional manipulation are techniques used to wash the brain.

The soul is in the brain.

God is getting smaller and science is getting bigger.

No doubt the sector will continue to grow. The problem is that these eagerness to boost their growth will also create the temptation to control. We have tried with women, until we saw that they were not our property. Then children and animals ... I hope that the same thing does not happen to us with the Internet.

Happiness is ephemeral, it is a transitory state.

For me, freedom is that the King has no more rights than me.

Artists, when they create, have weak but global brain activity.

There are reasons that began 600 million years ago. The first great leap that has allowed species and mankind to be optimistic is the unenarrable leap from single-celled organisms to multicellular organisms. That is to say, we are walking communities of cells that exchange knowledge and that opened the possibility to innovate, to create.

I have learned more from animals than from men.

Happiness is hidden in the waiting room for happiness.

Theoretically we are the rational being par excellence and yet we are the most emotional species.

Power has been exercised abjectly for thousands of years.

We have grown up in a certain environment and everything that is different will cause us (in the first instance) distrust or rejection.

Be kind to people when you go up; You'll find them all when you go down.

In matters of love and heartbreak we are like newborns all our lives.

It is very likely that the best decisions are not the result of a reflection of the brain but of the result of an emotion.

Sex happens to memory, if it is not used, it disappears.

Politics is the worst human invention.

With each stimulus that triggers an emotion, new connections are generated between groups of cells in our brain.

Without emotion there is no project.

I do not see it impossible that in the middle of life one can spend a few years studying other universes and then postpone the retirement date.

I have met many men who were not half as affectionate as monkeys.

I think you first have to realize that there is life before death and not be obsessed all the time to know if there is life after death.

We are discovering the skills that are needed to have work in industrial societies. The first, the ability to work collaboratively rather than competitively. Knowing how to use the new digital communication systems, which has not been taught properly. It is a process of continuous change that the least you can suggest is sadness and pessimism.

In life there are three crucial moments: the stage of maternal love, school and the entrance to maturity.

One of the current failures is the absence of young leadership. Evolutionarily, the pack always turned to young people when they had difficulties: crossing a river, climbing a mountain.

Today you can't be pessimistic, because, when you look back, any past tense was worse.

We must rediscover where the ability to innovate lies: in the acquisition of new skills such as digital direction techniques, the ability to concentrate despite the multiplicity of media, teamwork and the vocation to solve problems.

Even if a poor man gets rich, he will continue to suffer the same diseases that affect the poor, as a result of the oppression he suffered in the past.

An optimist is a normal being who tries to look, regardless of ideologies and his own convictions, what is happening in reality.

What is needed is more knowledge.

Majority thinking? I think that thinking is always a minority.

I have some bald friends and I tell them that throughout the evolution the baldness served one purpose: to avoid infections of lice, fleas and insects.

There is less bureaucracy and less dogmatism in the attempt to perceive what astrophysics is than what labor reform is.

If you don't have bosses you have a much better chance of being happy than if they send you.

People do not know how to imagine the future and tend to repeat the past when they try.

It is not enough to recognize the skills in which we feel good. You have to know how to control them, and that is only achieved by dedicating many hours of work and study.

Society is interested in you consuming and thinking that consumption makes you happy.

A knowledge of who we really are, of our weaknesses helps us to be happier.

It is better for our brain to tell us a consistent story than a true story.

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