The Butterfly Effect and the importance of small changes

The Butterfly Effect and the importance of small changes

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The Butterfly Effect is a term that refers to the connection that exists between virtually anywhere in the world. It is a theory about which many interesting studies have been carried out. We will know better what it is, what it is and how to take it into account in our lives.

Big changes start with very small changes

"Something as small as the flutter of a butterfly, the last instance, can cause a typhoon on the other side of the world." This so-called butterfly effect starts from this premise, a theory that explains how big changes can be caused by very small acts.

It is something very common and that is applied in psychology and that, applied to this aspect, we can see it as the possibility that our minimal changes can have an enormous force in the whole world.

At the end of the day, everyone, absolutely everyone, affects our surroundings. That is to say, nobody is safe from not affecting in a certain way the course of history, in one way or another: through our work, our relationships ...

This is very useful to assume and understand the processes of change and the relativity of everything. It is also a way of developing two very important aspects for life and psychological well-being. These are the adaptation to uncertainty and flexibility at the mental level.

We live in a reality in which no matter how much we want to have our lives under control, we are contingent upon unforeseen events that do not depend directly on us. This is joined by what is known as chance and the effect that undoubtedly has on our lives.

These alterations can be positive at times. It is what is known as "being in the right place at the right time." They can also be negative, because we cannot control this aspect.

However, we can use it in our favor to develop our personal skills and important aspects such as resilience, the positive approach, the ability to overcome and, ultimately, to know how we react to adversities.

Beyond all this, it is also possible to apply the butterfly effect to how we provoke it ourselves. That is, how our actions affect other people around us, similar to when you push a domino that rolls the following.

You have to be aware that all our acts cause changes in the people around us. Therefore, it is convenient to consider how we can live without negatively influencing others.

For this we can put into practice a series of good habits or behaviors that, likewise, will have a positive impact on ourselves. For example, one of them would be to talk directly about the problems we have with others.

This is a very common bad habit. It's about the tendency to shut up when we don't like something, so we get poisoned and end up transmitting it in the worst way, making the other person feel bad.

It may be that at the same time this generates harmful behavior in turn with other people in your environment. Instead, we should say things, speak assertively, defending our position without harming the other with our words or our actions.

Be kind to the people around us It will also result in well-being. This extends not only to the people around us, but to those we meet by chance: the bus driver, the supermarket cashier ...

Sometimes we spread our bad mood causing unpleasant situations with other people. This is important to correct in order to be a source of well-being for us, but also for others.

Doing small things for others without expecting anything in return is another way of impacting on this butterfly effect. It doesn't have to be just collaborating with an NGO, but also, but it can also help people closer.

Example would be help a friend, a neighbor, give up a seat on the bus… All these little altruistic gestures can help other people feel better, and it will always always be a direct benefit for us.

Managing our negative emotions, such as anger, is important. In this way we will avoid spreading them to the people nearby. Therefore, it is convenient to stop for a minute to relativize the problem caused by the discomfort. This will ensure that this does not lead to parallel anger with other people in our environment.

In short, the butterfly effect is a theory that refers to every little act we do has huge consequences. These affect the world as a whole and the people around us. Or what is the same: the power of change.