70 Friedrich Nietzsche phrases that will make you think

70 Friedrich Nietzsche phrases that will make you think

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Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche He was a German philosopher, musician and poet, with Swiss nationality, considered one of the most influential contemporary thinkers in the 19th century. Find here your best phrases to inspire you.

Famous quotes Nietzsche

Not only does he who speaks against what he knows lie, but also he who speaks against what he does not know.

Who fights monsters, who takes care of becoming a monster. When you look long into an abyss, the abyss also looks within you.

The advantage of bad memory is that it often rejoices in the same things as if it were the first time

The timorato ignores what it is to be alone: ​​there is always an enemy behind his chair.

There are no moral phenomena, but only a moral explanation of the phenomena.

What distinguishes truly original minds is not that they are the first to see something new, but that they are able to see as new what is old, known, seen and belittled by all.

In the past you were monkeys, and now he is the most cute man than any monkey.

Between the sense of guilt and pleasure, pleasure always wins.

It's easy to make things complicated, but hard to make them simple.

Some mothers need to have unhappy children, otherwise their maternal kindness cannot manifest.

In this world of images created by ourselves, we have invented ourselves as a unit, as that which remains constantly in change.

Everything that is absolute is part of the pathology.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

We don't like a good thing when we're not up to it.

Love and hate are not blind, but are blinded by the fire they carry inside.

Nothing more hypocritical than the elimination of hypocrisy.

Man, in his pride, created God in his image and likeness.

Not that you lied to me, that I can't believe you anymore, that terrifies me.

Where you can't love, pass by.

The same as the tree. The more he wants to rise to the height and to the light, the more strongly his roots tend towards the earth, downwards, towards the dark, the deep, - towards evil.

We all need the sense of guilt, but nobody needs to feel guilty.

In love there is always some madness, but in madness there is always some reason.

The individual has always fought not to be absorbed by the tribe. If you try, you will often be alone, and sometimes scared. But no price is too high for the privilege of being oneself.

They also tend to be the kind to you. But that was always the cunning of the cowards. Yes, the cowards are clever!

The monkeys are too good for man to descend from them.

I teach you superman. Man is something that must be overcome. What have you done to overcome it?

The real world is much smaller than the world of imagination.

Hope is the worst of evils, because it prolongs the torment of man.

What bothered me most is not that you lied to me but that, from now on, I will not be able to believe in you.

The greatness of man is in being a bridge and not a goal: what in man can be loved is that it is a transit and a sunset.

When I meet a creature, I find the will of power.

Man defines himself as a being who evaluates, as a being who loves par excellence.

Remorse is like the bite of a dog on a stone: nonsense.

Politics is the field of work for certain mediocre brains.

The great style is born when the beautiful obtains the victory over the enormous.

He who has a reason to live can face all the "hows".

The maturity of the man is to have found again the seriousness with which he played as a child.

The destiny of men is made of happy moments, all life has them, but not happy times.

I love those who do not know how to live other than sinking into their sunset, for they are the ones who pass to the other side.

Everything that is done for love, is done beyond good and evil.

Being independent is something of a small minority, it is the privilege of the strong.

What we do is never understood, and is always welcomed only by praise or criticism.

One forgets his fault after having confessed to another, but normally the other does not forget it.

You don't hate yourself while you look down. No one hates more than equal or superior.

The roughest word and the rudest letter are better, they are more polite than silence.

Those who have loved man most have always done him the maximum damage. They have demanded from him the impossible, like all lovers.

Simplicity and naturalness are the supreme and ultimate goal of culture.

The intellectual power of a man is measured by the dose of humor he is able to use.

When you have many things to put in it, the day has a hundred pockets.

Our destiny exerts its influence on us even when we have not yet learned its nature; Our future dictates the laws of our present.

I need partners, but living partners; Undead and dead bodies you have to carry around wherever you go.

The irrationality of a thing is not an argument against its existence, but rather a condition of it.

The laborious races find a great trouble in enduring idleness.

The age of marriage comes much earlier than the age of love.

Marriage ends many short follies with a long stupidity.

Man seems to have more character when he follows his temper than when he follows his principles.

Have faith means not wanting to know the truth.

Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies.

Sex is a trap of nature to avoid extinction.

We only understand those questions that we can answer.

The thinker knows how to consider the simplest things of what they are.

In some, chastity is a virtue, in many it is almost a vice.

Isn't life a hundred times too short to get bored?

Hope is a vital stimulant far superior to luck.

The absurdity of a thing proves nothing against its existence, it is, rather, a condition of it.

Every conviction is a prison.

The perfect woman is a superior human type to the perfect male, but she is also a much rarer specimen.

War makes the victor stupid and spiteful the defeated.

If only alms were given for mercy, all the beggars would have already starved to death.

There are enslaved souls who appreciate the favors received so much that they strangle themselves with the cord of gratitude.

Dementia in the individual is a rare thing; in the groups, in the parties, in the villages, in the ages, it is the rule.

All idealism against the need is a hoax.

Many parents have to do to compensate for having children.

A politician divides people into two groups: first, instruments; In second, enemies.