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40 phrases about the future

40 phrases about the future

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Although the future may seem somewhat uncertain, there is something of no doubt: the key is in the present, in the day you live today. Then you can see it much better thanks to the best phrases about the future We have compiled in this article. Let's see them!

The best quotes about the future

You write your destiny yourself with every decision you make.

Do not predict your future; just believe it.

There is only one sure thing in our future, and it is death.

The rope that separates fate from chance is narrow.

You cannot modify your past, but you can change your future.

Life is not what we were in the past, but what we want to become.

Be a father of your future, don't be a child of your past.

If you are lost on the road, create a new one.

You own your future to the extent that it is you who believe it at every step.

Judge your past only if you are building your future.

Only he who builds the future has the right to judge the past.

Do not waste time complaining about the past. Only if you move on, the future will reward you.

Do not postpone your happiness for later; believe it today.

Close the door behind you to what was and open the window to what is to come.

Be interested in the future, since that is where you will be the rest of your life.

Use the past only to use it to improve the future.

The future comes with every decision you make.

Thinking about the future is more pleasant and enriching than stirring in the past.

Anxiety comes from trying to control the future.

Dreaming is the key that will open the door of your future.

The wisdom lies in making us responsible for our future, not in remembering our past.

Get up every day thinking that your future will be better. If you do, the day will be.

Accept the responsibility you have for your future and assume the risk of creating it.

Work on having a good present and you will be doing on creating a good future.

The past serves to understand life, the future is to live it.

Fear of the future only makes us cling to the past.

Your present determines what you will be in the future.

There are decisions that are made in just one second and that change an entire future.

Change your attitude today and you will change your future.

Your future reality is the dreams of your past.

Be optimistic if you want to have a good future.

Make your future start today.

Don't let the future interfere in your life today. Someday you will reach him and face as you do today to your present.

The most important teaching you should learn is that the future is changed from the present.

The future can be called in different ways. The weak see it as something unattainable; the fearful, as something unknown; the brave, see it as an opportunity.

Trying to guess what will happen in the future is like walking along a dark road without lights. It is impossible to see anything.

Worrying too much about what might happen to you in the future is like going out with an umbrella on a sunny day in case it rains.

The future belongs to those who are preparing for him today.

Do not strive to predict the future, but to prepare to accept it.

The passport for your future is education.

So you know, the key to the future is closer than you think: in your own present moment and in the possibilities it offers you. We hope you are phrases about the future They have been useful and have served as inspiration. Now, walk towards him!