Futsal league

Futsal league

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The 25 boys in my class made a team soccer team league. We formed teams of 5 players each and all teams faced each other only once giving two points to the winner of the match, 1 to each team in case of a tie and 0 to the loser.

At the end of the league the orange team scored 6 points, the green team five points, yellow 3 and blue 1.

How many points did the rest of the teams get?


The 25 children formed 5 teams of 5 members each so we need to know the points of a team. Since everyone played against everyone once, 10 games were played and since 2 points are awarded in each match, there were 20 points in total. If the results we know already total 15 points, missing 5 that are those of the team that was missing.