How fast is the visual system?

How fast is the visual system?

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I've heard that the visual system is one of our slowest sensory systems.

How fast is the visual system, and how does it compare to other sensory systems (auditory, mechanosensory, pain, etc.)? For example, how long does it typically take for a visual stimulus from the external world to cause a neuron to fire in the V1 region of the cortex?

researched with "sensory cortex latency" on google:

according nowak et al, latency in macaque v1 is ~75 ms, although there are cells with latency as short as 30 ms. according to camalier at al, latency in macaque A1 is more like 15-25 ms.

Also, see shriki et al for a computational perspective on latency coding in V1.

There is research into the latency of population responses recorded at the skin called "evoked potentials", reviewed by Nuwer. He says that there are evoked potentials over somatosensory cortex 20 ms after stimulus, whereas the potential over V1 is more like 100 ms after stimulus. All taken together, it does seem that the visual system is slower

Ahh, don't forget that there are 576 megapixels by each eye, at 35 frames per second… It's so fast, some researchs show that we need at least 50 milliseconds to process an image

Also it's well known that our auditory system is faster than the visual.